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Dad's Elixir's first ever 250mg DIET edition!! Adam Kampf drum magnifico of Artikal Sound System came up with the ultimate infused blend of peach mango flavored syrup. Artisan blended by hand in a small batch process, using all natural and organic ingredients. No artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Non-GMO and gluten free. If you try it, we think you'll agree that "Dad's Elixir is the perfect mixer."

A message from Adam:

A year and a half ago, when I was not so clever as I am now, I flew too close to the sun. We were on a run through Southern California with Fortunate Youth and Katastro. After a show at the Music Box I decided to indulge in some of Josh Heinrich’s Dad’s Elixir collaboration. I took a sip. ‘Delicious,’ I said at first, and then remembering we had the next day off for Thanksgiving, I slurped down the rest of the infused nectar from the tiny vial I held in my fist. 1000 milligrams of pure HHC bliss then slid me into 2 full days of what can only be described as an out of body, and even out of mind, experience. I’m told we shared a beautiful Thanksgiving feast with some of our musical friends in Redondo Beach. But as far as I’m concerned we were floating through another galaxy and somehow every now and then Dan Kelly’s soothing whispers were pumped into the radio in my space helmet. When I finally recovered from my stupor I realized that I love Dad’s. But people like myself can’t be trusted with a potion so potent. So here I proudly present to you Adam’s Diet Dad’s Elixir in Peach Mango Tea flavor- half potency for twice the man. Merry sipping, my friends. - ADAM!

Adam's (Diet - 250mg) Peach Mango Tea


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